Freshers Family Photography Online Course

Location: Online

Open from:
 September 15th  2023

Next live & recorded Freshers group mentoring session: December 1st 2023 at 730pm

This photography course for beginner family photographers is your opportunity to create a solid start as a new family lifestyle photographer. Join us online at your own pace and we'll lay the groundworks for you to get started in this amazing and rewarding industry.

If you are any or all of the following this is for you...
> you are new to the industry in 'business' under 2 years
> you have been thinking about changing career (you'll be surprised how many doctors, nurses and teachers we teach!)
> you still feel like you are 'pretending' and no one takes you seriously 
> you are working really hard at it all but you are stuck in a cycle of shooting the same type of clients
> you really wish you could just speak to someone that would show you exactly what's what and help you directly 


  • How to get to grips with the fundamental camera settings that matter for in home and outdoor lifestyle photographers
  • How to improve your focus and composition and image variation.
  • Our exact process to get natural and candid looking photographs that clients love.
  • The essential kit and software requirements for when you are starting out in business.
  • Editing software basics and editing workflows
  • Guidance on websites and your content.
  • Basic copyrighting tips and language hacks that help you communicate more effectively to clients
  • What should go into your preparation guides and why.
  • About location scouting indoors and outdoors in real life locations.
  • How to we use natural light.
  • How to grow your portfolio in the early days
  • How to get started with curating your own personal brand and the importance of it.
  • Social media best practice, how we use ours in a healthy way.
  • How connection, light and styling all work together to create saleable images.


Full access to the value and pricing course online (worth £145) where you'll learn.

  • How to build a value based business.
  • The pros and cons of different pricing models and how we approach ours.
  • How to figure out your cost of business and forecast your earnings properly and realistically when starting out. 
  • How to develop a clear and scaleable pricing strategy that will grow with you easily.

    Plus heaps more (read more here)


    30% off Lisa's ATSC presets for a month after you sign up.


Sounds fab right?! 



  • Access to a mix of pre-recorded videos lessons and online learning modules. These will be stored on your own learning portal. (Any future courses online or in person will also be stored here) 
  • A live and recorded 1.5 hour video support mentoring grouped with other recent Freshers' to ask specific questions relevant to starting up as a family photographer and hear the advice provided to others.
  • Actions to get you moving forwards with your family photography business.
  • Honest feedback and direct advice relevant to where you are at right now.
  • A seat in the L&C community portal, a place to chat and ask questions with both new and experienced photographers
  • Access to any updates we make to the course in the future. 


So what do we know and why are we dedicating a whole course to this?

Together we've both grown our family photography businesses from the ground up, stayed in business and flourished financially. We've designed our services to suit our family centred lifestyle and adapted our businesses even throughout a pandemic. We don't just teach, we are in the thick of the family photography industry right now and the perfect position to help you take your first steps.

This course will be your opportunity to get off to a flying start with your new family photography business and be on your way to making a sustainable income as a family photographer. Something that many new and talented photographers fail at often. We know the bumps in the road that are going to happen and the challenges you are going to face, let us help you navigate around some of these and show you a clear route forward.

You want in? Good! Because we are very excited!  This content is going to be rocket fuel for so many photographers! 

What People Are Saying:

I feel like i've skipped a few years. I love their work, their ethos, my now flourishing business is forever grateful

Jodie Wilson

"All the support and information you have given me is so genuinely helpful. It all works. It’s incredible. "

Hiral Jethwa

£445.00 GBP

Terms of service. 

This course focuses on lifestyle family photography for those new to family photography or those who have had a family photography business for under 2 years.


Any continuation of work after the completion of this agreement will require further discussion. 


The Client agrees to complete any applicable pre questionnaire and supporting modules and tasks in detail to enable The Business Owners to effectively educate them. Without this The Business Owners may not provide their support effectively and the Client will not get the most from the agreed services. 





Unless otherwise agreed. A payment of 100% of the total ticket cost is due before the course begins.

Business Owners: Lisa Rogers and Carley Aplin
Client: The purchaser of the ticket



 This Agreement constitutes a contract for the provision of services and not a contract of employment. This Agreement shall not constitute or imply any partnership, joint venture, agency, fiduciary relationship or other relationship between the Parties other than the contractual relationship expressly provided herein. 




At all times, before, during or after the Event has been completed neither Party shall disclose any confidential information relating in any way to the past, present, or future business affairs, conditions, clients, customers, efforts, employees, financial data, operations, practices, products, processes, properties, sales, or services of or relating in any way to the The Business Owners in whatever form to any parties outside of this Event. 


Confidential information means information that is of value to its owner and is treated as proprietary or confidential including, but not limited to, intellectual property, inventions, trade secrets or information, financial data or information, speculation, knowledge, general Company data or reports, future business plans, strategies, customer lists and information, client acquisition strategies, advertising campaigns, information regarding executives and employees.

The Client shall not disclose, whether for compensation or not, any confidential information obtained from the event  to anyone unless required to do so by law. 



No educational materials, presets or login information in any capacity can be shown, shared or resold by the client in any capacity. 


All material is for sole use only. Activity on your personal Client portal is traceable and we reserve the right to question and act accordingly towards any unusual activity within your account.


If the client is already is a photography educator, any new information learned within the course that they may want to use in their teaching will need to be taught of their own originality and not verbatim. The client agrees to reference the Business Owners for things learned directly from this course. 




Business owners agree to uphold this contract to their highest effort, and work with the Clients with best interests. Promise to communicate honestly and see that work is done in a genuine way. All parties agree to respect certain boundaries as explained here:


All urgent communication before and after the event will be sent through email between the time of 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday; any messages received before or after those times will be dealt with at the next earliest convenience.






Tickets are payable in full prior to the commencement date. The Business Owners cannot reserve places without full payment. The Business Owners do not accept responsibility for The Client being unable to attend for adverse or unforeseen circumstances. If the course goes ahead on the intended date, The Client will not be due a refund.


a) If the Client is canceling their attendance prior to the course, The Client will not receive back any monies already paid but may transfer their place to another person, or request to transfer to an equal or more expensive educational resource that The Business Owners may have available. This is the Clients own responsibility.



c) If The Business Owners are forced to cancel or alter the course due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control such as war or the threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood or adverse weather, Ill health or government restrictions, The Business Owners will reschedule the course to a future date. 


If the subsequent reschedule makes it impossible for The Client to attend The Business Owners will transfer any monies paid towards another suitable educational resource or similar training available with The Business Owners. 



3. The Business Owners are not responsible for any external costs that the Clients may incur due to cancelation or alteration of the course



4. The Business Owners will do their best to ensure the Clients safety at the course but they do not accept liability or responsibility for death, bodily injury or illness caused to any clients booking a course with them. Any claims shall be subject to English Law in respect of any question of liability or quantum, and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of the English Courts.



5. The Business Owners do not accept liability for any loss or additional expense caused by the delay or interruption to travel services through weather conditions, civil disturbance, industrial action, strikes, wars, floods or sickness. Such losses or additional expenses are the responsibility of the Client.



6. By attending this course The Client gives their permission for images and video taken of them to be used to promote Lisa and Carley (The Business Owners) Educational resources online and in print. (Excluding pornographic, defamatory, libellous or otherwise unlawful images and video)



7. By booking onto the course with The Business Owners, The Client agree to these terms and conditions.




As business owners we are here to help, through giving you the greatest strategies we think are applicable to you in order to move your business forward and grow as an artist. It is expected that any financial numbers referenced via our education are not considered to be promise for your future expected earnings. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, geographic location and work ethic. All business entails risk, consistent effort and action. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your version of success through giving honest feedback and advising applicable actions based on our own experience.