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Pricing for family photographers
Editing for family photographers
Freshers Family Photography Course



"I feel like i've skipped a few years. I love their work, their ethos, my now flourishing business is forever grateful" 

Jodie Wilson

Family Photography Training

Online photography courses, guides &  lives

Pricing for family lifestyle photographers

New in take available soon.


Location: Online

Ditch the procrastination and worry about your pricing and let us show you how to create and implement a pricing model that puts more money in your pocket and still serves your client

Join us online as we go into a huge amount of gritty detail about:  

  • The in's and outs about our magic 5 pricing model, how it was figured out, why it works, what has to happen behind the scenes to make it work and how you can apply it to fit the stage you are at now.

  • Why an effective pricing model is a whole lot more than just having a look at the local market, copying someone else's pricing or just counting your 'overheads'. 
  • The psychology of our upgrade packages and how to create them to suit your client base and niche.

  • What goes on with culling a client gallery and how we make decisions easy for the client.
  • How to include printed products for your clients and make it simpler for yourself.

  • Exactly how we communicate value, the language tweaks you can use to enhance your sales.
  • An adaptable gallery upgrade email template that really works.
  • The pro's and cons of  mini sessions and how to price them strategically.
  • How and why you should price your services based on your quality of work, and client experience.

So what do we know and why are we dedicating a whole course to this?
Lisa has ten years as a dedicated family photographer under her belt. She's was one of the first photographers in the  UK family photography market to successfully introduce a 'hybrid' pricing model, and has been instrumental in many other successful photographers (and mentors) pricing strategies and over-hauls through the years.

Where she began, Carley quickly came up to speed . Putting her own business brain and previous experience in the finance sector to use, Carley has adopted Lisa's pricing strategies super fast.

She's succeeded not only as a leading family lifestyle photographer but also made huge progress in winning profitable commercial contracts and growing her in-home studio. 

Together we've tried, tested, tweaked, and adapted our pricing and many others pricing models based on different business goals, shooting styles and geographical locations.

We believe that one of the pillars of running a profitable family photography business is positioning yourself in the market based on a variety of different factors - not just where you live or how long you've been shooting for.

You want in? Good! Because we are very excited! This course will be a game changer for so many photographers. How do we know this? Because it already has been for our previous alumni during our workshops and mentoring.


  • Access to a mix of pre-recorded videos lessons and online learning modules. These will be stored on your own learning portal. (Any future courses online or in person will also be stored here) 
  • The opportunity to ask specific questions relevant to pricing your business within the L&C community and see the advice provided to others.
  • Actions to get you going with overhauling your pricing and packages.
  • A downloadable pricing spreadsheet to help you figure out the numbers that matter.
  • Access to any updates we make in the future. 

Location: At home! This will be something you log in to and learn and also attend live online with a recording available. 

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The Freshers family photography course for beginners


Location: Online

Next access start date:
1st May 2023

Next live & recorded Freshers group mentoring session: 11th May 730pm 

This photography course for beginner family photographers is your opportunity to create a solid start as a new family lifestyle photographer. Join us online at your own pace and we'll lay the groundworks for you to get started in this amazing and rewarding industry.

If you are any or all of the following this is for you...
> you are new to the industry in 'business' under 2 years
> you have been thinking about changing career (you'll be surprised how many doctors, nurses and teachers we teach!)
> you still feel like you are 'pretending' and no one takes you seriously 
> you are working really hard at it all but you are stuck in a cycle of shooting the same type of clients
> you really wish you could just speak to someone that would show you exactly what's what and help you directly 


  • How to get to grips with the fundamental camera settings that matter for in home and outdoor lifestyle photographers
  • How to improve your focus and composition and image variation.
  • Our exact process to get natural and candid looking photographs that clients love.
  • The essential kit and software requirements for when you are starting out in business.
  • Editing software basics and editing workflows
  • Guidance on websites and your content.
  • Basic copyrighting tips and language hacks that help you communicate more effectively to clients
  • What should go into your preparation guides and why.
  • About location scouting indoors and outdoors in real life locations.
  • How to we use natural light.
  • How to grow your portfolio in the early days
  • How to get started with curating your own personal brand and the importance of it.
  • Social media best practice, how we use ours in a healthy way.
  • How connection, light and styling all work together to create saleable images.


Full access to our pricing course online (worth £100) where you'll learn.

  • How to build a value based business.
  • The pros and cons of different pricing models and how we approach ours.
  • How to figure out your cost of business and forecast your earnings properly and realistically when starting out. 
  • How to develop a clear and scaleable pricing strategy that will grow with you easily.

    Plus heaps more (read more here)


    35% off Lisa's ATSC presets for a month after you sign up.


Sounds fab right?! 



  • Access to a mix of pre-recorded videos lessons and online learning modules. These will be stored on your own learning portal. (Any future courses online or in person will also be stored here) 
  • A live and recorded 1.5 hour video support mentoring grouped with other recent Freshers' to ask specific questions relevant to starting up as a family photographer and hear the advice provided to others.

    This will be scheduled within 6 weeks of your join date and available to rewatch. You'll have the opportunity to be an active participant during your first attendance within the 6 week period, after which you are welcome to listen in on previous and future group mentoring (yes really!). These are provided monthly and based on demand. 
  • Actions to get you moving forwards with your family photography business.
  • Honest feedback and direct advice relevant to where you are at right now.
  • A seat in the L&C community portal, a place to chat and ask questions with both new and experienced photographers
  • Access to any updates we make to the course in the future. 


So what do we know and why are we dedicating a whole course to this?

Together we've both grown our family photography businesses from the ground up, stayed in business and flourished financially. We've designed our services to suit our family centred lifestyle and adapted our businesses even throughout a pandemic. We don't just teach, we are in the thick of the family photography industry right now and the perfect position to help you take your first steps.

This course will be your opportunity to get off to a flying start with your new family photography business and be on your way to making a sustainable income as a family photographer. Something that many new and talented photographers fail at often. We know the bumps in the road that are going to happen and the challenges you are going to face, let us help you navigate around some of these and show you a clear route forward.

You want in? Good! Because we are very excited!  This content is going to be rocket fuel for so many freshers! 

Grab your seat on the online Freshers family photography course here >

The Editing Wheelhouse


Location: Online. 

  • The next intake to the online editing course opens from 11th April 2023 (Although you can start any time after this date)
  • The next dedicate LIVE and recorded q&a is  11th May 2023 at 11am, with future q&a's scheduled for July and September. You'll have the opportunity to be an active participant during your first  LIVE attendance, after which you are welcome to listen in on previous and future q&a's


Jump in with us as we cover all the 'need to know' skills and tasks required for editing both in-home and outdoor photoshoots as family lifestyle photographers.

Forget about generic Photoshop and Lightroom courses, or those that float over the boring and just the basics, or even worse speed off on random tangents that don't apply to your genre.  

Instead shortcut your way to exactly what matters and what's going to help you level-up your skill set as a family photographer.

We've created the Editing Wheelhouse as it is EXACTLY what we *wished* we had access to at the start of our photography careers.

> Easily digestible, straight talking 'how to' editing videos that you can rewatch.

> A dedicated LIVE lesson online where you have the opportunity to ask specific questions relevant to your own edits.  

> Connection to a private community platform full of family photographers just like you.

> Access to any new videos we add in the future. We all know how often Adobe brings out new updates! 


  • Become more consistent with your edits.
  • Improve your editing workflow.
  • Manipulate different types of skies and enhance sunsets.
  • Colour grade and master white balance corrections.
  • Balance and refine skin tones.
  • Enhance your photographs using masks.
  • Rescue a 'badly' lit photo.
  • Watch as we edit filtered, dappled, overcast, indoor, back light and blue hour and more.
  • Remove various background items.
  • Seamlessly perform head swaps and face swaps.
  • Edit sympathetically, to soften wrinkles,  fix minor skin issues, correct teeth.
  • Use the liquify tool sensitively.
  • Keep your greens consistent.
  • Fix colour casts, e.g from  bluebell woods, bright clothing/walls.
  • Create and save your own brushes and presets.
  • Sprinkle magic on your photographs!

- 35% off Lisa's ATSC Presets until June 11th 2023
- Access to past a future LIVE Q&A recordings from different cohorts.

On April 11th 2023:
You'll gain access to our Editing Wheelhouse, packed full of individually pre-recorded video lessons for each trick and skill. These will be stored on your own learning portal. (Any future courses online or in person will also be stored here) 

On MAY 11th 2023 at 11am:
We'll be chatting live with everyone on the course for 90 minutes, covering 
questions you have and photos you might want us to look at with you. This will be recorded and stored for you rewatch.

It sounds too good to be true right? A library of lessons you can watch and rewatch at your own pace plus the opportunity to gain personalised editing advice.


So if you fancy lapping up over 10 years worth of editing experience for less than the price of most standard family photoshoots. 

Lets get you rolling buy your seat today >

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Mentoring for family photographers

Need a little bit of loving? Some dedicated time with us both to work on your art, business & brand? Hell yes?

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