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We know how lonely it can feel working by yourself, so lets find you a work wife, tog buddy, idea bouncer, the first person you wanna call after a crazy shoot...

Life is better with people in your life that get where you are coming from. Below you'll find both online and in person friend making opportunities for family photographers.

Don't be shy. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.

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The Pit Stop - Join us live online
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"My confidence has grown in every aspect & i've made so many friends" 


The Pit Stop

Free learning & connecting

Watch online as we chat live & provide personalised advice for family photographers on key topics



  • Access to the Pit Stop platform
  • Advanced email notifications of when live Pit Stops chats are occurring so you never miss out.
  • A safe space for you to share your work with us and the Pit Stop community,
  • A great place to come together and receive supportive and helpful feedback for free.


How it works:

  • Sign up using your email address
  • Login into the Pit Stop Platform
  • Complete your member profile so we can all connect with you on the platform
  • You'll then be emailed when each Pit Stop has been scheduled with instructions on how to submit your work (if applicable)
  • Watch your first pit stop live and natter with us and the other members.
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It’s easy to think you should figure this out all alone. We’ve both been in your seat and thought exactly the same thing. Our inbox is always open if you'd like to chat things through with us. Reach out and let us know what's wizzing through your head.

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Other ways to work with us

Family photography workshops

Small group based in person education covering a whole heap of topics plus multiple shoots styled in home and outdoors.

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Online Courses 

Fancy deep cosying up and working on particular topic? Take a look at our popular online courses.

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Mentoring for family photographers

Need a little bit of loving? Some dedicated time with us both to work on your art, business & brand? Hell yes?

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